About Us

          Founded by Mr. John Vuchovich and Mr. Scott Simons in 1998 (and now mentored by Joshua Barnett and Karl Heinrich), The Bionic Zebras have been helping students explore the wonders of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), and encourages them to pursue their further studies and career within a technological field.

          To put it in the words of Dean Kamen (a co-founder of FIRST Robotics), "To transform our culture by creating a world where science and technology are celebrated and where young people dream of becoming science and technology leaders."

          This team consists of six individual sub-teams, each having their own role in making every season a success.

List of Subteams:

  • Build:

  • Build Team spends their time in the workshop learning about and using tools, putting together electrical components and other technology specific to FIRST, and building automated systems based on the design. All in all, this sub-team is responsible for every mechanical aspect of the robot.

  • Design:

  • Design Team consists of a group of students who theorize and prototype their ideas for the robot. This sub-team is responsible for presenting a final design (or multiple) to the team. CADD (Computer-Aided-Drafting-and-Design) is a tool used extensively throughout the design and planning process.

  • Information Technology:

  • Information Technology not only programs and automates the entire robot, but works to maintain a website as well. Students who reside with IT learn in-depth electronics, how to program in HTML and CSS as well as C++, and how to use FIRST-Specific Programming Libraries. This sub-team works closely with Design Team to ensure that the ideal control systems are constructed inside of the program.

  • Safety:

  • While we try to keep injuries to a minimum, accidents do happen. Safety Team is here to treat injuries when they occur, and enforce safety procedures to prevent future accidents. Students on this team learn how to treat wounds, and how to care for an injured person.

  • Business:

  • Business Team manages the entire team's bank account, and is in charge of contacting other businesses about acquiring sponsorship. Any time there is a need or want to spend team funds, it goes through Business Team, who can in turn allow or deny it.

  • Public Relations

  • Public Relations is in charge of making an image for our team and a positive relationship with our community. This sub-team creates media content for the website, makes posters, and organizes team-wide volunteering events in an effort to give back to the community.

2017-2018 Events

  1. March 8th-10th Waterford District Competition
  2. March 22rd-24th Belleville District Competition

Team Roster

  1. Josh Barnett
  2. Karl Heinrich
  3. Donnie Castaldini
  4. Scott Simons
  5. Josh Johnson
  6. Beth Tolliver
  7. Kelly Barnett
  8. Trevor Davis
  9. Nick Curry
  10. Kayla Vuich
  11. Mason Webb
  12. Shana Totten
  13. Naaman Chaudray
  14. Christian Jones
  1. Teddy Ivanac (President)
  2. Oliver Gietzen (Vice President)
  3. Mitchell Castaldini (IT Captain)
  4. Curtis Bell (PR and Design Captain)
  5. Natalie Decker(Safety and Business Captain)
  6. Hank Garrett(Build Captan)
  7. Mykala Smith(Executive Advisor)
  8. Samantha Pagereski
  9. Timothy King

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide students educational opportunities to learn and engage in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through the FIRST Robotics program. We encourage and inspire students to follow a career path focusing on these subjects we find vital to their success in a changing world. Over the years, we have received awards for our accomplishments and we aspire to become a major contender at the FRC International Competition.

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